Needing an extra room for your new family member, a work office, a playroom for your child, or other purposes, conversions are the best solution. You may convert the unused but valuable space of your garage/ loft/ basement into an extra room of your desired. Our team can handle the design, decorating, insulation, electrical wiring, waterproofing, flooring, and more to turn it into a functional living area for you.

  • Garage Conversion: while many of us choose to use this extra space for storage instead of parking cars, it is actually a very valuable space for transforming into a practical room. This conversion is often a cost-effective way to add more living space to your home as it utilizes the existing walls.
  • Loft Conversion: a popular conversion of making use of the empty space in your attic. It requires a professional assessment of the condition of the loft; determining the structural integrity of the building and the weight capacity it can handle.
  • Basement Conversion: a space that you have never thought of using can be converted into a practical living room after careful foundation work to prevent water leaks and dampness. Basement conversions can result in a larger living space than loft or garage conversions as there is typically more room available.

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