Painting and Decoration Costs: Effective Budgeting for 2023-2024

An in-depth understanding of the expenses associated with hiring a painter and decorator, which varies drastically depending on the size and complexity of the job, is essential to gauge accurate budgeting in 2023 and upcoming 2024.

Basic room painting ranges from £375 to £500 per room, typically taking 1-2 days. However, painting period properties or tackling complex shapes and mouldings can lead to higher charges due to the additional preparation work and intricate paint jobs required. Preparation tasks include room clearing, cracking filling, sanding, and priming, which could be an added expense if not included in initial quotes.

For small wallpaper hanging jobs, rates fall between £170 and £370, given that it’s labour-intensive and meticulous work. Paper quality also affects the cost.

Woodwork repainting sees costs fluctuate between £130 and £150 per day, while external painting on houses can range from £800 to £1500 for semi-detached houses.

In addition, the region plays a part in determining costs, with London having the highest rates, 10-20% more per hour than the national average. It’s important to acquire quotes from several professionals to get a fair idea of market value.

Moreover, whilst hourly rates do exist, they are rarely used by professionals for bigger jobs due to the different complexities and unpredictability of time estimation. In general, it is advisable to factor in a contingency budget of about 20% to take care of any unforeseen issues during the work.

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