Successful Renovation of Derelict Property into Vibrant Family Home

A home in Royton, Oldham, initially set to be demolished, was instead purchased and extensively renovated by a local couple, transforming it from a derelict state into a vibrant abode, a transformation later showcased on ‘Homes Under The Hammer’, a popular TV show. The property purchased for £77,000 in 2019, initially showcased severe structural issues including roof damage, dampness, and precariously hanging ceilings. The original plan was to demolish it and erect new houses. However, the buyers saw potential in the existing structure and opted for refurbishment instead of demolition.

The couple spent around 12 months transforming it into a beautiful three-bedroom home, investing an additional £60,000 into the restoration project. They undertook a major portion of the work themselves, including rewiring of the entire place and the installation of a new heating system. The remodelled home exhibits a new roof, a stunning new kitchen, and a revamped living room. Particularly notable are its lavish and landscaped gardens.

The renovated property was listed for £200,000 – manifesting a potential £63,000 profit minus selling costs.

Despite the several challenges faced during the renovation process, the couple is pleased with how they’ve managed to rejuvenate this previously derelict property, and they are planning to undertake similar projects in the future.

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